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Logistics Training Options


When a student completes this course in addition to the completion of their CDL course, they will have developed the proper tools to become an entrepreneur in the transportation industry. This course will give 3 career pathways for success as a trucking company owner, freight broker and or dispatcher. This course includes the steps to setting up a trucking business management and operations.

Each graduate will receive a diploma and industry recognized credentials from DSC Training Academy. All skills achieved in this curriculum are stackable and transferable.

Our employer and trucking partners include Total Transportation, Stevens Transport, Schneider Transportation, Knight Transportation, Covenant Transport and TMC Transport. Taking this course will give the student the required skills to operate and eventually own their own truck.

  • Includes Complete CDL Class A Training & Certification

  • Freightbroker Training Course

  • Dispatch Training Course

  • How to setup a trucking company and trucking operations

Contact: Briana Benn, 601-351-5858,

Freight Broker Course

Freight Broker Course

We train individiuals on industry terms, how to get a freight broker license and the rules and regulations of the industry.

Freight broker class training consisting of in-person Freight Broker Training written by load board and experienced freight brokers in the industry, who have years of knowledge and experience in the trucking industry.

Our training guide provides you with all of the information you need to become a freight broker or an agent as well as the step-by-step process by which to move freight, find drivers as well as how to use the carrier agreement forms provided.
You get all of this in one easy, convenient, affordable package! These training modules taught through our learning management system help you manage your time to complete the courses as efficiently as possible.


Truck Dispatcher Course

Interested in becoming a truck dispatcher in the Logistics and Trucking industry in the US? Are you considering starting your own home-based transportation business and tapping into one of the most diverse and profitable industries in the US? Would you like to earn money for every load you find and book for a trucking company? Let DSC guide you on where to start.

A truck dispatcher works for a single carrier, either as an employee or as a “bona fide agent” of the carrier company.  The truck dispatcher’s primary duties are to:

  • find available loads for the empty (or soon to be empty) trucks owned by or leased to your trucking company

  • negotiate load rates with freight brokers or agents

  • review/signs carrier contracts, reviews/signs rate and/or load confirmations, and send your carrier packets to brokers or agents

  • dispatch the drivers of your empty trucks to pick-up the loads you’ve booked

  • track your loaded trucks through delivery

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