Now and in the future, we need more truck drivers to keep our country moving! The growing trucking workforce shortage is reaching crisis levels. An aging skilled workforce is one of the main reasons. We must act now.


DSC Training Academy partners with Next Gen Trucking Association to lead industry professionals and members, schools, trucking professionals, industry carriers, dealers and allied sponsors who all share the common mission to promote trucking as a positive career choice. One of our primary goals is to carve out career pathways for young people to get into the trucking industry. Our goal is to help create a diverse, talented, and skilled workforce for the trucking industry.   Our 2022 efforts will begin with a summer program for High School Students and Recent Graduates.  Enrollment begins NOW and will end May 31, 2022.

Fall Enrollment for JPS High Schools Begin July 5, 2022.  Enroll here:

What We Do

PROVIDE fresh, up-to-date educational curriculum to create a new wave of professional drivers who are trained to the highest standards.


FOCUS on diversity, equity and inclusion


CONNECT U.S. public high schools and the trucking industry


SERVE as a liaison between young people and trucking partners to provide a pipeline of talented, trained drivers


CREATE CDL driver programs throughout the United States


PROMOTE trucking as a career education choice


EDUCATE high school administration and counselors, students and parents on the benefits and opportunities in the trucking industry


FOSTER community for young people in trucking


LOBBY for the Safe-Driver Apprenticeship Program.



“We are eager to train, mentor, and match a fresh generation

of skilled talent to the 21st century needs and demands of the trucking industry.”